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Joey to the World 2018 Vendors



Lafin Magic Store


Are you a Christian illusionist who loves spreading the Good News through magic? If so, LaflinMagicStore.com has a collection of Gospel magic supplies and books to bring children's ministry lessons to life.


Fancy Faces by Veronica

Awesome supplies you need to create professional designs everywhere you go! 


Puppets Inc.

Remember Stromboli?  You know, the evil puppet master in Pinocchio who has all those marionettes and keeps Pinocchio a prisoner/performer in his travelling puppet show?   Remember him?  That’s kind of like us!  Except we’re not evil... and we don’t make marionettes... and there’s no  travelling puppet show involved... and we never even met Pinocchio.  So really, we and Stromboli are not very much alike at all.  We’re Puppetsinc.com  and we do make puppets, but they’re professional-style hand puppets – not marionettes.  We also teach people how to use puppets for educational purposes... and any other purposes, too, really.  It’s just that “puppets for educational purposes” sounds so important, doesn’t it?  Stop buy our vendor table and... wait... did you catch that little typo?  Stop buy...?   Ha!  Stop BY our vendor table and say “scotty-wotty-doo-doo” – or just “Hi” if you prefer -- and see what makes Puppetsinc.com puppets better than any other puppets in the world.  And buy some.  That’d be great.

 Steve Harmer Magic

Kudos Clown and Magic

Kudos Clown and Magic is dedicated to providing the best quality clowning and magic accessories.
We have a large selection of supplies for the clown and magic trades:  Custom badges, balloon pumps, balloons, magic, makeup, stickers. Kudos is committed to customer service to ensure your satisfaction. We’ve been in business for over 23 years providing the clowning community with all their needs. As clowns ourselves, we understand the specific needs and ease of having a central location for supplies and support. Our chop is located in Hurst, TX. Phone 817-282-3339




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