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Duane Laflin

Duane Laflin has performed on five continents, in eighteen countries of the world, and in forty-seven of the fifty states in the USA. He is an internationally awarded illusionist with an upbeat and inspirational style.For four years Duane was the international President of the Fellowship Of Christian Magicians. He served eight years as chaplain for the International Brotherhood Of Magicians and was the official magi-minister at Abbott’s Get-Together for twenty years. 
On the secular level Laflin credits include being a guest instructor at the Siegfried and Roy College of Magic in Cape town, South Africa, receiving the Illusionist Award in Mexico City, Mexico, and honored as “A Star of Magic” in Singapore. The prestigious Magic Circle, out of London England, has given Duane the status of MIMC with Gold Star. This is the highest ranking an illusionist can achieve.
Duane and his wife Mary have been full time in their work as illusionists for over twenty years. During summer months they present their Grand Magic illusion show on a nightly basis in Custer, South Dakota, near Mount Rushmore. The rest of the year they tour with programs for theaters, churches, civic groups and community events. When not on the road, Duane uses his magic to do children’s sermons for his home church.
In the world of creative ministry Duane is much appreciated for his many instructional books and DVDs.  As well, he has created props and routines used by gospel magicians and Christian illusionists around the world.


Maricela and Friends 

A gifted ventriloquist born and raised in San José, Costa Rica, Maricela Carelock began singing, playing the twelve-string guitar, and writing songs at an early age. Growing up, Maricela's first audiences were those in her own school and in the local hospitals and orphanages of her city. After graduating high school, Maricela attended the University of Costa Rica in pursuit of an Education Major. While there, she discovered her love for music and ultimately launched her singing career. Before long, Maricela's music spread across Costa Rica. Maricela has been in the United States since 1989. As a mother of eight, Maricela soon discovered that she was created to inspire joy, hope, and love in the lives of others. Over time, Maricela's quickly motto became, "Give the Gift of Laughter."  Based out of Carrollton, Texas, Maricela has traveled across the globe entertaining, inspiring, and educating both children and adults alike with her uplifting songs and joyful puppets. Maricela's bilingual shows encourage good morals, love, friendship, respect, health, obedience, excellence, and self-esteem. Her powerful combination of entertaining and teaching makes any ordinary event extraordinary and fun. She has written songs for every occasion and her friends –the puppets-- are almost REAL! Maricela is also the founder of The Step by Step Campaign. 


Colleen Fouts 

Colleen Fouts has been clowning as "Feliz" since 1999 when she graduated from Come Join Us Clowns of which she is still an active member.  Although Feliz was born in 1999 she developed "Ima P. Ugly" years before that.  Ima Plain Ugly is still a favorite to do. (People feel plum perty and smart after seein' her.)  A few years ago her caring clown "Joy Bells" was born.  These characters have taken her into schools, Churches, banquets, festivals, Kroger Grand Openings, Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities, Parades, VBS, Kids Crusades, Mission trips and even some birthday parties. Even though she does face paint and balloons, her greatest love is stage performance which includes Gospel Illusions, music and of course DRAMA!  Her greatest desire is to bring God's Word and love to life on stage for people of all ages so that they may know HIM in a greater way.  Reaching the world for Christ one laughter, smile or maybe even a tear at a time.  Colleen has "retired" from the medical field to pursue her first passion as a youth/children's pastor at her home Church in Greenwood, Indiana. She also LOVES to clown with her Church folks, "The Silly Saints Clown Ministry."



Randy Harbin

Randy Harbin began performing and ministering as a clown and balloon artist in 2006. He attended the  Mooseburger Clown School in 2006, the Advanced Studies Clown Arts Camp in 2008, and many other clowning and family entertainment conferences and training classes. He is a lifetime member of COAI, Clowns of America International. Randy has had the honor of sharing his talents in multiple states and internationally in Russia and Guatemala. Randy holds a degree from Wayland Baptist University in Religion/Ministry and a BSBA in Accounting from Missouri Southern State University.

In addition to being a clown, balloon decorator and entertainer, Randy is an Accountant and has worked for the Federal Government for 18 years. Randy along with his wife Delora own and operate Funtastic Balloon Creations in Grain Valley, Missouri. While running the business from home, both became Certified Balloon Artists (CBA) through the Qualatex CBA program.  Qualatex has been and continues to be a large part of the success of Funtastic Balloon Creations.  In October 2014, Randy and Delora refocused their talents on balloons and in June 2016 opened their first storefront on I-70 in Grain Valley, MO.  Since opening, business has been booming.

Randy was recently selected as the 2017 Ballooniversity Designer of the Year award winner.

Randy has a passion for the creative arts and assisting others. He hopes to help others to focus their talents and bring success to their business and ministries through balloons. Randy will Take balloon design teaching at JOEY to whole new level!

Steve Harmer

All the way from Canada, Steve Harmer is a Professional Educator (former Principal) and Professional Magician and entertainer. He left the Calgary Board of Education 18 years ago to pursue a dream. He has chosen to combine his skills as an educator and entertainer to present Motivational Magic assembly programs in schools and communities all across Western Canada. Through the use of magic, juggling, comedy, music and storytelling, Steve delivers meaningful messages that inspire, educate and motivate children and adults. His creative, dynamic, unique style of presentation is impacting his audiences everywhere with meaningful messages. He is living his life “with passion and purpose”. Steve’s mission statement is “Offering encouragement and hope to people everywhere!” His motto is “TGIM” – “Thank God It’s Monday”, because he just can’t wait to get to work each Monday morning and do what he loves to do.

  • Steve Harmer has been a Principal, Counselor and Teacher with the Calgary Board of Education for 22 years.
  • He has a M.A. in Counseling, a B.Ed., a B.P.E. and Dip. Ed. in Computer Applications.
  • He has been a professional magician for 42 years. He has worked 16 summers performing at Calaway Park.
  • He has performed over 6000 magic programs.
  • Over the past 17 years Steve has presented his Motivational Magic programs to more than 3800 Public and Catholic Schools all over Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan.
  • He is a past president of Ring 66 in Calgary – part of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.
  • He was honored to be the cover story on The Linking Ring Magazine and on The Voice Magazine.
  • He is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians.
  • Steve has been a lecturer at various International Magic and Clown conferences.
  • He has created 11 different themed shows for his school audiences. 
  • Steve has been a theme speaker at numerous summer camps and been a camp director with his wife Dee.



Rafael "Bombin" Rondón

Rafael has been a Creative Evangelist for over 26 years. He is currently the president of Creative International Ministries, Inc, Joey to the World Confernce, and he also serves  as a Children's Pastor at Fielder Church in Grand Prairie, TX. He is married and a father of 3. Original from Puerto Rico, Rafi is a bilingual performer whom began entertaining people in 1990 trying to make extra money to pay for college. At  a young age,Rafael joined the Society of American Magicians and began clowning in 1991. He pursued learning clowning at intensive advanced camps from retired Staff of Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus in 1992, 1993, 1994, and 1995. 

Bombin also helped Chagy the Clown in founding "Circo del Rey" which is an evangelistic Christian Circus. Joey to the World has featured both Chagy and Bombin working as duo in previous years and they have always been a favorite.

From 2003 to 2013, Rafael served as full time evangelist, traveling accross the USA and over 12 countries internationally while sharing the good news of the Gospel Message through clowning, illusions, and preaching. Rafi is an ordained minister and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business, and a Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth,TX.


Rob Nelson

Rob Nelson has been teaching people how to use puppets for longer than he wants to think about (since 1975) so please don’t mention it! Co-founder and creative director at Puppetsinc.com, and Minister of Music at park Meadows Church.  He has been involved in designing puppets and writing both spiritual and educational programs for decades and is now using his superpowers to drive all the way from DeSoto to the Joey to the World Conference. And then, if he isn’t too exhausted, he’ll drive back again.



Veronica Portugal


Veronica Portugal Started her venture in face painting 6 years ago in sunny south Florida. She was asked to face paint for a birthday party, randomly, after babysitting one night. She accepted the challenge and quickly excelled. She learned basic technique from Heather, the owner and founder of Silly farm and FABA TV. She went on to start her own business as a solo artist, but quickly found her passion for teaching the art as well. She was consistently pregnant for 3 years, and it was taking a toll on her body. Not long after the loss of her twins, and almost losing her life while giving birth, she began a new season of radical faith. Her team quickly expanded in 2 months , from 1 artist to 4. Today, 2017, she now has 7 artists on staff, who have been fully trained by her, and are exceptional artists all over the DFW area. 

Veronica has taught and labored in serving those who desire to succeed in owning their own busness, and or just learning a new skill. She attends Turning Point Church, where most of her employees felowship as well. Her husband Tony, has been the intense driving force for her company. He made it his passion to see her succeed. They created " I Dream Paints'. It is sold privately and used by her staff members. Together they have seen Fancy Faces grow. They have evangelized using face painting as their attention getter, drawing crowds in. They desire to expand in creatively loving people and bringing people to Christ using face painting, balloons and so much more...

Abundant Laughter

Marlon Miller along with his wife Linda and daughter Laminda, are the Children's ministry group Abundant Laughter from Gladewater, TX. With over 10 years’ experience, they travel the country doing weekend revivals, summer VBS and church camps. They use puppetry, illusion, music, ventriloquism, dramatic painting, clowning and any object that comes to hand to teach and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Marlon, a licensed minister of the United Pentecostal Church International, presents the Gospel with object lessons, clowning, and music. Linda is a graduate of the Texas Bible College Excell program. Linda is the team’s organizer and puppetry and props manager. Laminda, now a graduate of University of Texas Tyler, with a degree in fine arts, is an adjunct lecturer at Texas Bible College in the Christian Education Program. She is also currently seeking her Master’s degree at Stephen F. Austin in Nacogdoches. Laminda is also a gifted ventriloquist, puppeteer, and artist.


Barb Field

Barb Field is the owner and primary character in BJ and Company. She is a NYS certified teacher, wife, and mother to eight grown children. Her clowning career had it's beginning in the late 1980's on a two week mission trip to Mexico. There she discovered her love for the art of mime. Since then she has participated in numerous mime intensive training weeks and has done countless performances and workshops. Eventually she combined all her mime background with a new clown face to develop her first characters... "BJ" and "Prof. Womboggle". Now she uses her love for the art of clowning in her work as a full-time entertainer. And her love for the Lord has taken her into hundreds of ministry opportunities to share great news of the Gospel.

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