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2018 Classes 



Classes by Veronica Portugal


Face Painting Foundations Part 1 (Beginners)
Not just for the newbie but for anyone looking to enhance their designs using basic techniques! In this class we will focus on all the Basics of face painting, this will help make sure as you progress as an artist you will never stay as a stagnant artist but continue to grow as long as you implement the techniques. WE will learn about product - what type of product is appropriate for the type of designs you are doing and what are the best ways to use them. Line techniques; lines are so important, and they need to be perfected as a beginner and not as you grow as an artist. Sponging; we will learn the proper way to blend, and build color without using a cake. We will take a look at 2-4 designs that are basic, but will use advanced techniques to make them more elaborate.


Face Painting Foundations Part 2 (Beginners)

You may be a new artist, but it won’t show with these awesome tips and tricks! In this more advanced face painting class we will learn about focal points, dry blending, fixing mistakes with your lines, stencils, background colors. We will feature 2-4 great designs that will wow your audience every time! You may have been painting a couple months to a couple of years and are not happy where you are as an artist. But don’t let that stop you! Let's play with some basic techniques to bring you to the next level overnight.

Some of us just need to incorporate some basic techniques to change the way we do things. This class will help your designs come to life, make basic designs more elaborate and will help you become more creative! Attend and you won’t regret it!


Advanced Face Painting - Take your time and impress!

This class is designed for that event that is slower and you have time to make each face a beautiful master piece! We will focus on using techniques that are pro like to help enhance each design. Have you ever been on Pinterest and wondered how the artist put so many shades of colors together without making the colors look like they were caked on but more like airbrushed? Or how they made that Spider-Man look so realistic? Come join this advanced class to improve your skill as an artist and impress your clients with “Oooh- la- la“ kind of work!


Fast and Easy -  Festival and Quick designs to Keep your Line Moving!

So excited about this class! As artists, we are always looking for ways to simplify our designs to keep our lines moving faster. It’s not like a small party where you only have a few kids and you can take your time to do your art. Come join this amazing fast-paced class to learn how to cut corners in face paint to simplify your designs, yet keeping them beautiful and quick! You won’t regret it!


Classes by Randy Harbin


Quicker with the Link!

Imagine being able to build an arch, columns or a beautiful back drop quicker than ever before. (No Frames Required) Now imagine you can use the same techniques to build a cross, a rainbow, or even Noah’s Ark!  In this dynamic class, you will learn fast and efficient ways to building beautiful balloon décor for your ministry.  (Opportunity for some hands on)


Lions and Tigers and People, “Oh My”!

This will be a fun class where you will learn to make characters from Quick Links and Qualatex Foils.  We will also create a customized character of your very own!  Bring your imagination and let your creativity shine.  (Hands on class)


Balloon Jam!

Randy will also be leading a Balloon Jam, with linking balloons and twisting balloons.  Sign up for the jam at the registration table so we know you’re coming. No additional fee required.



Classes by Duane Laflin:


What’s In Your Gospel Magic Toolbox? 

What magic tricks do you really need...and will you actually use?  This workshop explains and demonstrates essential tools for effective ministry through magic tricks. It shows how make good decisions about investing in props and teaches fun magic routines that illustrate God's Word.


Gospel Magic Messages For Kids

Magic tricks are wonderful tools for sharing spiritual lessons with children.  Get ideas and learn presentations for children's ministry, children's church, children's sermons and outreach to kids.


Gospel Magic For Outreach And Missions

To win people over we must first have them listen to us. This presentation is about using tricks and magical props to gather a crowd and captivate them with the gospel.  Concepts will be shared that work great for mission trips, evangelism and outreach.


Grand Magical Ministry  

Here is a collection of "wow" type magic tricks for those who are serious about elevating the quality of their magical ministry programs. Are you ready to take your program to the next level? This workshop is about strong and meaningful tricks which lead to making powerful connections with audiences.


Comedy Ideas And Group Gags For Gospel Entertainers

A collection of humor, sight gags, and funny business that works wonderfully to “win the right to be heard.”  Learn how to create circumstance which makes it easy for people to listen when a serious message is shared later on.  A mix of magic, silliness and common sense. The right kind of humor will do wonders for you act. Whether you clown, juggle, speak, entertain, or wow audiences with magic, this class is for you!



Classes by Steve Harmer


The Encore Effect

In this lecture we will discuss how to achieve a remarkable performance in anything you do. Whether you are a magician, a clown, or a children’s entertainer; here are some pro tools that you can use. The 7 “P’s”:  Passion, Preparation, Practice, Performance, Polish, Pitfalls, Payoff.


Plate Spinning , Juggling, Balancing, & Tray Tricks Workshop

Have you tried spinning plates? And no, we are not talking about whatever is you do or think of doing while you clean dishes. Plate spinning is a new skill you can learn! This is a hands-on workshop where you can learn exciting new sckills that will add fun and variety to your programs.


Shining the Light of Jesus into a Dark World

Gospel Magic... The Steve Harmer Way! "Offering Light, Love, and Life" Steve will share a number of his most effective Gospel routines. Easy to learn... Effective to deliver.


Classes by Colleen Fouts

Overcoming the Spotlight Anxiety

What does shortness of breath, shaky knees and chest pains have in common?  Spotlight Anxiety!  Experiencing nerves before or during a show is common, but sometimes it wants to TAKE OVER!  This class will give you steps to ease the anxieties you feel so you can stand in front of that crowd with more confidence and peace. Warning: this class is not to be considered a substitute for your meds. If you have issues… welcome to the club!


Gospel Skits You can use Now!

Skits to enhance your ministry programs whether you're a clown or not! Sometimes it's hard to find the right skit for your ministry topic so in this class you'll go home with ready-made skits, ideas on where to get skits and tips on writing skits.  This is an active learning class so bring your funny bone and creative juices... unless yours is prune juice, in that case don't bring it.


Little People with Big Praise

“Out of the mouth of babes (children) and sucklings (infants) thou hast perfected praise “. Matthew 21:16b

“Our Lord didn’t say, “It’s amazing that someone taught these kids to praise God! Just listen to them!” No, He stated that God Himself has ordained praise from the mouths of even the very young.” This class is meant to inspire you to help your kids give their best during the worship time.  Ideas for songs, choirs and more will be given.  You MIGHT want to bring your voice too! Hint! Hint!


Clowning as a Ministry Tool

We take clowning seriously! Gospel clowning is more than just doing funny stuff and then adding a Christian thing at the end. The clown is the “delivery guy” bringing the same powerful WORD that your pastor preaches. Let that sink in… Now, come learn how to do that in a funny way! This class will cover putting a program together for outreach ministries at your home Church, schools, nursing home facilities, missions and more. We will talk ideas that will boost your ministry programs using your skits, illusions, balloons, songs, music etc...


Classes by Rob Nelson

Puppetry for Cloth Heads (because "for Dummies" is a copyrighted term)

Maybe you don't have a cloth head, but your puppet probably does! Ain't we clever? This is instruction in the art of puppetry from a basic, beginner, fundamental, 101 sort of viewpoint. Let's get you started! Or restarted (review is never a bad thing).


Vocal Chords and How to Play Them.

MAh... the music of a well-performed character voice falls upon the ear like a blessing... or would if you only felt more confident with being the source of that voice. Want to create your own character voices for puppets or any other characters that need one? Come spend a few minutes with a guy who has been creating and recording character voices for decades. If he can't help you... well, never mind. He'll help you!.


Classes by Maricela Carelock

Creative Evangelism with Powerful Object Lessons

This class is for performers, teachers, children’s ministers, parents, and just about anyone ready to share the Gospel effectively with creativity and passion. Evangelism is all about PLANTING AND WATERING....so you know The Lord will give the growth. This is so amazing! We just have to plant and water the seed.

In this class we will learn and put and practice how to use anything...literally anything to share the Gospel.

For almost 20 years Maricela has used T.O.Y.S. (Telling Others You Save) based on John 3:16; Eph 2:8; Acts 4:12; and John 14:6. We will even use RECYCLE items! This class will give a boost to your imagination and creative juices. We pray that The Holy Spirit will guide you with passion and love to keep it going.


Becoming a Puppeteer or Ventriloquist that God Can Use

Puppets and dummies have been a proven effective tool for sharing God’s love. In this fun class, Maricela will teach simple and basic techniques for working with puppets and getting started as a ventriloquist.

The Singing Puppets, The Mimic Puppets, The Story Puppets, and The Dancing Puppets; are some of the different kinds of puppets levels she will teach. Some people can sing or talk using puppets, others can only feel comfortable making the puppets dance. The idea is to use them in all the possible levels and be effective with them.


Classes by Abundant Laughter

Using Creative Arts in Kids Ministry

This class is about bringing your skills and talents together for a unified message. An A to Z class combining music, puppetry, ventriloquism, and illusion/object lessons to form a complete ministry event. Use your talents to engage your audience and prepare them for your message. Learn to work with others and their talents to bring a unified message. Excellent class for children’s ministers.

Finding Your Other Voice (Beginning to Professional Ventriloquism)

For more than 10 years Laminda has developed her ventriloquism skills and polished them performing in front of countless kids. She will teach how to give your voice to puppets and other objects; developing your character(s) and their voices; plus, developing routines and where to find material.


Classes by Barb Field

Mime Movement for Performers

Every performer can benefit from knowing pantomime. Understanding your body movements and how your body language speaks can be a powerful tool. Stage presence is huge! Come and learn some easy and valuable mime principles that will take you to the next level. Barb will share about how she performs as a mime but also how she uses mime principles when performing as other characters.


Classes by Rafael Rondon

The Art of Grease-painting Your Own Face

Ahh… Nothing like a bad greasepaint job to make you look creepy and amateurish. Rafael has been painting his own face since 1991 and he says: “Nobody likes a shiny, sticky face”. Whether you are venturing into clowning, mime, or some other weird thing, this is the makeup class for you. We will cover makeup application, do’s and don’ts, setting your makeup, and finishing touches. You will learn some basics and some tricks to get you underway to perfecting your own makeup.

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